Terms and conditions


You will need an account to access our platform. Please keep your authentication information safe because you are responsible for all the activity associated with your account. We will ask you for personal data (your name) for the purpose of issuing your certification(s). You are responsible to provide correct information about your name and we will process your personal data according to the provisions of the Privacy policy.

Any requests for changes to the information on the certificate(s) must be supported by a justification (possibly documents, depending on each request). Requests for changes should be submitted by opening a ticket.

You may not transfer your account to somebody else and you should not use somebody else’s account. In the event of death, the account cannot not be transferred to somebody else and it should be closed. If you have a suspicion that somebody else has accessed and is using your account without your permission, please change your password and, if you consider this necessary, contact us.

To open an account on our platform you should have the required minimum age for using online services. (in accordance with the applicable legislation in your country). If you find out that you have opened an account and you are below the required age for using online services, then you must close your account.

You can close your account at any time. For that you will need to contact us and we will close the account for you. 

Once you have closed your account the results of your exams (if any) and the certifications you may have obtained will not be accessible anymore.


Enrollment and access 

When you decide to apply for a certification using our platform, you will be granted access to training materials consisting of pre-recorded video courses and handbooks. Depending on the type of certification that you have purchased you will be granted access to the relevant video and written training material. This is a non-exclusive, non-transferrable license to view the content that is relevant for the certifications you have applied for.

The training material is in English. The exams are in English. At the moment we do not have an option for translation of the material and exams in other languages. 

You will not have access to our training material if you do not purchase any certification. 

Generally, we provide you with lifetime access to our platform and to the material relevant for the certifications you have purchased. However, if you decide to close your account you will lose access to any material associated with the certifications you have purchased.  We may decide or be obliged to disable some of the content due to legal or other reasons.


Using our platform

It is your obligation to use the information that you have access to on our platform in compliance with the applicable legislation. 

You can use the material we provide to prepare for the exam(s) on our platform and for no other reason. You are not allowed to download or copy the material that you have access to on our platform and to use this material for any other purpose but training for the exam(s) relevant for the certification(s) purchased on our platform.

You are not allowed to share the content that you have access to on our platform with other persons.


Exams and certifications

You must pass an exam to obtain a certification.  The exams include a number of questions that must be answered in limited period of time. You are informed at the beginning of the exam on the number of questions and on the time available to answer.

For each exam there is a minimum percentage of correct answers to pass. You are informed about this before starting the exam.

Attending our training and studying the materials that we provide on the platform are not prerequisites for taking the exam. You can choose to take the exam without any prior study and preparation.  There results of the exam will not be influenced by your decision to take our training.

Once you start an exam it cannot be paused or stopped, so please make sure that you will not be disturbed and that you will have a reliable internet connection.

After finishing the exam you will get the results in maximum 10 working days. You will receive the results on the email address you have provided when creating the account. 

If the results indicate that you have passed the exam, you must agree to follow the provisions in the Code of ethics for RIGCERT certified professionals before you can obtain the certification. 

The certificates are generated automatically, and you will be able to download them from your account.

The certification is valid for 2 years and you can use if for whatever purposes you wish but in accordance with the Code of ethics for RIGCERT certified professionals. We will inform you in advance (on the email) about the expiration of your certification. You can verify in your account all the details of the certifications you have obtained.

You will be able to check the validity of your certification on our website. 

In case you did not pass an exam you have the option of re-take within 12 months. The first re-take is free. All subsequent re-takes have a 60% discount.

Example: the price of the certification is 110$. Price of the first re-take: 0$. Price of second, third and subsequent re-takes: 44$.

You agree that your payment does not represent an obligation for us to provide you with the certification. The payment ensures that you have access to training material and that you can take an exam. Without passing the exam you cannot obtain the certification.


Payments and refunds

You agree to pay in full for the certification that you want to obtain, and you authorize us to charge your debit or credit card or process other means of payment (e.g. mobile wallet, direct debit, SEPA, etc.) for the fees.

We work with payment service providers that offer convenient and secure payment methods. Your payment information is kept secure using best-in-class industry standards.

You agree not to use an invalid or unauthorized payment method. 

In case your payment fails and you still obtain access to our platform, you agree to pay the required fees in maximum 15 days from the notification we send you. We will disable your access to the platform/ services in question if you do not receive adequate payment.

In case the content you have purchased is not what you wanted, you can ask for a refund. You can ask for a refund in maximum 30 days after your purchase. However, once you have started the exam you are not eligible for the refund.

The above conditions for the refund may not apply for cases where we have information about a suspected or confirmed account fraud. In such cases we may provide refunds beyond the 30-day limit and after an exam has been started or finalized.

You can request a refund from your account. We will not ask you any questions about the reasons to ask for a refund but if you want you can provide us feedback on the reasons for your decision. 

The default refund option is to your original payment method (credit or debit card, bank account). If this is not possible then we will use a different method that you will provide to us.

We will process your refund immediately after your request but the process may take up to 30 days, depending on the payment processing platforms and the financial institutions involved.

If we have any information that you are abusing our refund policy, then we may refuse your requests for refund.


Intellectual property rights

The materials that we make available to you must not be used for other purposes that preparation for the exams. They are not to be shared, published on websites or in any other way distributed. 

You are responsible to ensure that the materials that you have access to from your account are protected. 

If you intend to use the materials for other purposes that preparation for an exam, you should first contact us and ask for our agreement.


Ethics and conduct

The certification represents a confirmation from us that you have knowledge in a specific discipline (e.g. quality management, information security management, occupational health & safety management, etc.).

Once you have successfully passed an exam, before obtaining your certification, we will ask you to agree on a set of requirements in the form of a code of ethics. 

The purpose is to ensure that you will use your certification to have a positive impact on the society and on the life of those around you.

Obviously, we cannot check on you to confirm that you follow the provisions from the code of ethics. However, we may decide to suspend or withdraw your certification if we have evidence that you do not.


Changes to the terms

We may change the present terms to adapt to changing circumstances or to clarify aspects about our operation. Unless stated otherwise modifications become effective on the day they are published on this website. 

Depending on the specifics of the changes and on their estimated impact, we may notify you by email about upcoming changes to the terms of our service.

Any revised terms will supersede all previous terms and your continued use of our platform and services means that you agree to our terms.


How to contact us

The preferred solution to get in touch with us is by opening a ticket from your account. You can also contact us by email at contact[at]rigcert.education.