About us

Who we are

RIGCERT started in 2017 as an accredited management system certification body operating on several European markets.

Today, our main business is still the certification of organizations, but a growing part of our activity is dedicated to training (online and in class), testing and certification of persons.

Our belief

We believe that the use of standards can help organizations significantly improve their performance. To achieve this they need competent persons, who understand and who can apply international best practices in their environments.

The approach

Knowledge should be easily available because it represents the foundation for a better world. People who want to learn and grow should get the recognition they deserve. An accesible and transparent certification process is what we propose.

How we do it

Once you have purchased a certification on our website, you will be granted access to online training (pre-recorded) and learning materials (pdf format). The use of our training resources is not a pre-requisite for certification. You may decide to use the materials we provide, or not. Your decision will have no influence on the test and on the test results.

A test consists of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. You have a limited time available to finish it. You will ge the results in a few working days from completing the test.